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Our Story

When I was 17, I developed thyroid issues that lasted for years and resulted in surgery in 1995. Months after that experience,  I turned my life upside down, quit a corporate managing job and signed up for Physical Therapy School. I continued to study other natural therapies including manual therapy, cranio sacral therapy, neuromuscular therapies to name a few. This lead me to the understanding that lifestyle is directly related to health. I changed my diet, rekindled my love for exercise, began a meditation practice and as a result became healthier, more energized and also happier. 

In 2011, my husband Brad and I opened the first Salt Cave Spa in North Carolina. We have been blessed to witness many lifechanging experiences in our customers. We began to understand that harmony of body, mind and soul are imperative for good health so we focus in our work on all elements of the human being to improve wellbeing. 

When COVID 19 put the whole world on hold, causing stress, fear, illness and death, we were looking for ways to improve health and wellbeing at home. And now we are offering the blessings of creating a spa oasis  at home for you. 

Be Well, Be Happy,

Ines Clark

I always wanted to help people and have worked in the service industry my whole life. My journey into natural health began with our spa in 2011 and has not stopped since. There is so much to learn.

Scientists continuously make new discoveries how the human body works and new health technologies are evolving rapidly. This brings many new opportunities to improve our lives. I hope that with our home spa packages we can contribute to your wellbeing. We have carefully researched the best  health technologies available and put together compelling products so you can experience wellness in the comfort of your home.


Brad Clark